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Tweet I’m often asked the question about whether or not Mac’s need anti-virus? As one who professes information security, the obvious answer would be “Yes” or “Yes, what are you doing without anti-virus!?” Now the nay-sayers and Mac purists may respond, “Mac’s don’t get viruses!” or “Steve Jobs would never design a computer that gets […]

Tweet In an interesting call on one’s Fifth amendment right, a judge orders a woman to decrypt her laptop by giving up her password. The woman’s lawyer argues that this is in direct violation of her fifth amendment right as she may be incriminating herself by giving up the password. What’s even more interesting are […]

Tweet Some of you may ask why would the Bad Guys really want my email account. The following are some examples: SPAM…”I don’t want any SPAM!”: A valid email address is one of the most effective ways of sending out SPAM. If Bad Guys have access to an email account, they can use it to […]

Tweet Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest -all popular social networking sites and all popular havens for hackers. Whether clicking a link which launches several SPAM laden posts on your friend’s walls or having someone hijack your account for other reasons, there are several information security risks on social network sites. For this article, we will […]

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